Chocolate wraps

Always fun to take a favourite recipe and make a chocolate version. This is the pimped up weekend brunch version of my wraps


I doubled my usual recipe to make a family sized pile of wraps. Just half it if you want to make a smaller batch.

2 cups/300g gluten free self raising flour (if you don’t like using gums try plain gf flour plus a teaspoon of baking powder, if you’d prefer not to use a rice flour mix then Free From Fairy’s flour works well in my regular wrap recipe so would be fine)

4 Tablespoons cocoa

2 Tablespoons soft brown sugar

1 Teaspoon salt

4 dessert spoons powdered psyllium husk (I know, who uses dessert spoons as a measurement? It’s the same as 8 teaspoons or you could use 3 Tablespoons which is a touch more for simplicity)

2 cups/500ml warm Dairy free milk (I’ve used Rice and I’ve used Hemp, recipe fine with your milk of choice. I microwaved for 90 seconds before I used it, you want hand warm….if that’s a thing)


Measure dry ingredients, sift into a large bowl and whisk well to combine

Pour the warm dairy free milk in and stir well until there are no dry bits. It will look very wet.

Don’t worry, it will come together. If I was more patient I’d let it sit and rest at this point (this is not a bad plan!) but once it looks a bit thicker I fling it onto a well floured surface and hope for the best.

I then chuck loads more flour at it knead it gently till it comes together in a workable fashion.

Depending on what size you’d like divide the dough into balls. I cut 8 today but you’d comfortably get 12 medium sized wraps. My son would eat two large or three smaller ones. This is a good time to sit a frying pan/crepe pan on the hob to heat. I dry fry the wraps but you could very lightly grease the pan if you prefer. I have an induction hob and cook them at 7 (it goes up to 9 so that’s quite warm)

Dust with lots more flour (you wouldn’t need quite as much if you’d let the dough rest….) and roll each piece into a ball

I sit the balls of dough back in the mixing bowl

Once the dough is all ready dust your surface and a rolling pin and roll a ball until it’s fairly thin.

Take the wrap by the edges and gently lift it and place on the warm pan

I have a plate waiting with a piece of kitchen roll on it to place the cooked wraps. As soon as one wrap is cooking dust again and roll out the next.

Fry until the edges start to lift then turn the wrap and cook the other side. Bubbles may appear on the wrap as it’s cooking.

The second side won’t take long. Continue until all the wraps are cooked. These are gorgeous served warm. My kids can recommend chocolate spread or jam as a filling. I like coconut jam, nut butter would be really tasty if you can have it, I had none of my preferred sunflower seed butter so I sprinkled roasted sunflower seeds on mine today.

These wraps are great the same day. If you don’t eat them all store them in a sandwich bag at room temp and microwave one for about 25-30 seconds to freshen it up the next day. I haven’t frozen these yet, my regular wraps freeze well, warm before serving.

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