My son has multiple food allergies,asthma and eczema. Learning to cook and bake ‘without’ has been an almighty challenge and in the early days felt impossible. How do you make cake without wheat, eggs and butter? Because despite the fact he can eat all sorts of healthy options it is really all about cake. Turns out you can make cake, and biscuits and muffins and confectionary, even meringues! The Allergy network online has been a tremendous source of support and inspiration for me and this blog is for me to share recipes I’ve had success with. You can bake without and it can be pretty fantastic!

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  1. I can relate to your page on many many levels having got a daughter who has multiple food allergies and in the beginning it was so damn difficult but after a few years I feel like I have a real hang of it, well that’s what I like to tell myself anyway, haha! There are so many challenges when cooking for someone with allergies, not to mention to stress of cross contamination but actually making something that looks and tastes nice. I am thoroughly enjoying your page and can’t wait to read some more great posts and I just wanted to say that I am nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award because I would like to bring to the front the stresses, challenges and problems faced by those who have food allergies or have to care for someone with food allergies.
    Nich x


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