Dairy free chocolate ice lollies

Getting calcium into your dairy allergic child’s diet can be a bit of a challenge particularly if they are not much of a ‘milk’ drinker. Kale is not high on my son’s list of things he’d like to eat …..ever. As a toddler he guzzled a good litre of soya milk a day but he’s become less tolerant of soya of late and he’s not that fussed on the alternatives. He will however drink chocolate ‘milk’ so I’ve been trying to come up with puddings that will appeal to him. 

Today I attempted chocolate ice lollies. I’ve made delicious dairy free ice cream with canned coconut milk but it is not fortified with calcium so I tried thickening a carton of Koko and using that as a base. I made entirely too much, halving quantities would be a good plan! The result reminded me of a chocolate mini milk. A simpler version (minus the calcium) would be to blend all the ingredients using a can of coconut milk instead of the Koko (and leaving out the tapioca) chill and freeze! 

Chocolate ice lollies


1 litre Koko coconut milk

4 tablespoons Tapioca flour

4 tablespoons cocoa powder (this made them quite dark chocolate, 2 tablespoons would probably be grand!)

2 small v ripe bananas

1/4 cup or 60mls Maple syrup


Measure the tapioca flour & cocoa into a bowl and whisk in 250mls Koko

Heat the remainder of the Koko in a pot until warm then whisk in the tapioca/cocoa mixture

Bring to the boil, stirring until thickened to a custard consistency then set aside to cool

Blend the banana and maple syrup with a couple of spoons of the Koko mixture until smooth then whisk it into the remaining chocolate mix. 

Pour into ice lolly moulds (I poured the mix into a jug to make this bit easier). I tried traditional ice lolly moulds on sticks and Calippo style moulds. I think the stick moulds worked best (mine are from IKEA). 

Allow to cool then freeze for at least 4 hours. I made 10 lollies and have as much mixture left in a jug in the fridge!


Lazy pie 

I made dairy free custard for pud tonight and had a sudden craving for something to have with it. I also wanted to encourage my son to eat the custard for the calcium and he does like something sweet. I didn’t have a tremendous desire to bake and initially I was going to make Nia’s Earth bars without the toffee layer (kind of like free from milky ways) but I took a bit of a turn and decided it needed to be pie. Instant gratification pie. So I made a no bake base layered with Nia’s nougat then melted dairy free dark and white chocolate. It was wicked nice and everyone liked it. It wouldn’t hold up well as a slice but it was ideal in a bowl with custard! 

Lazy pie

Line a tin with baking paper and grease (I used a small square tin)

200g Gluten free plain flour (I used mostly rice with some sorghum & teff) 

35g soft brown sugar

Half teaspoon salt

5 tablespoons Trex melted

3 tablespoons golden syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Double quantity of Nia’s nougat https://carrotsandmaplesyrup.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/earth-bars/

75g dairy free dark chocolate

30g dairy free white chocolate 

Mix flour, sugar and salt in a large bowl

Melt Trex and mix with golden syrup and vanilla essence

Stir wet mix into dry mix until well combined then press into tin with the back of a spoon

Chill in the fridge while you tidy up and make the nougat layer

Pour nougat onto base and leave to set while you melt the chocolate (it sets really quick!)

Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave, stir well then pour over the nougat layer 

Melt white chocolate and dribble it over the top in an attractive fashion and allow to set in the fridge 

Serve with dairy free custard

Weekend in Wales

We’re just back from a weekend in Wales where we attended the wedding of a friend of mine from school. I realised we’ve known each other for thirty years which must make me about a hundred and three. Anyway, travelling when you have a child with food allergies can be fairly daunting. This was the first time we have flown since my son was 3 months old and still dependent on me for all his sustenance. Usually we drive and self cater  and I travel with the entire contents of my cupboard and a small fridge but this trip we had to pack light so I had to limit myself to snacks, safe bread rolls and a big slice of chocolate cake. 
We flew from Edinburgh to Bristol with Easyjet. I had a letter with me from my gp to cover the medication I was carrying (Epipens, inhalers, antihistamine) and I’d managed to procure a 35ml bottle for his antihistamine but no one paid the least attention to his bag. I had wipes to clean his table on the plane and I fantasised about having a portable mini vacuum for the crumbs (there were so many crumbs!!). We carried our own snacks and drank bottled water and the flight was uneventful apart from my daughter having dreadfully sore ears on descent wee lamb. 

We had decided to eat dinner in Bristol on arrival and had researched safe options on the way to the motorway before we travelled (Nandos is a family favourite) but we got lost and ended up at a motorway service station McDonalds instead. I had a gf roll in my bag so my son had a burger and fries for his dinner. 

We booked 2 nights  at a Premier Inn next to a Brewers Fayre restaurant so I felt fairly confident about breakfasts as we have eaten with them before and always found staff to be willing to provide a freshly cooked breakfast rather than risking the terror of the buffet. He had bacon and beans. He would have had hash browns but upon reading the box which was produced for me to check I discovered they contained pea fibre. 14 allergen info is all well and good if you are only allergic to foods in the top 14! 

The wedding was at 2pm on Saturday so we had a picnic lunch in the hotel before we left (rolls from home with cold meat from the Asda across from the hotel, fruit and crisps) and took masses of snacks because you never know when you will get fed at a wedding and it can be a loooooong day! The wedding was at Llechwen Hall hotel near Pontyprid. I’d been in email contact with the wedding planner to discuss a meal for my son and we’d agreed they would provide a starter of melon, grapes and apple and a main course of chicken, beans and chips (his sister was to get chicken nuggets, beans and chips so it was fairly similar). I provided pudding – a large slice of homemade chocolate cake. I had been reassured that his meal would be prepared separately and I’m delighted to report that all went smoothly.  Impressive when they were feeding 70 people! 


The big disappointment of our trip was lunch at Bristol airport on our way home. We checked in early to give us plenty time to eat before our flight and had already decided to eat at Dexter’s bar and grill. Top tip – if you are  ever looking for a meal at Bristol airport do not eat at Dexter’s. I had checked the menu online and they serve grilled meat and chips so I figured we could find something for the boy even if it was off the adult menu. I spoke to the waiter before ordering and he wrote down all the things my son cannot eat and went to check with the kitchen if the kids burger and chips minus the bun was a safe option. We were told this was a suitable meal so we ordered. When the food arrived I checked it out as I always do before we ate and was immediately concerned that the chips looked awfy crunchy in a coated with allergens kind of way so I said nobody eat yet (quite a challenge for a 7 year old boy with a plate of chips in front of him) and went to find a waiter to double check again with the kitchen. He returned with the label off the chips which clearly stated they were coated in wheat. I packed him back off to the kitchen to get the burger label while my husband nipped next door to Burger King to buy a portion of chips. The burger turned out to be ok, mostly just beef and seasoning but the chips were absolutely not ok and the waiter was unable to offer any alternative or any explanation of their royal muck up. When I explained there was a legal requirement to be able to tell me what was in their food #14allergens the waiter said but all their food contained allergens and do you know that is fine as long as you can tell me that and not serve me a meal that could cause my son harm!! Wheat might just mean my son has a sore tummy or an eczema flare up but milk or eggs or nuts would have been a very different story. You need to know what is in the food you are serving your customers! 

So my little man had a Dexter burger in his own roll with Burger King chips. We were not offered an apology an alternative or a discount. 

I am not put off travelling, as a dry run for our summer holiday it went pretty well but in future I’m sticking with Nandos! 

Chocolate cake


So today I had my 6th fail at attempting to make dairy free/soya free yoghurt. This time I used Hemp milk and while it looked ok and didn’t taste unpleasant it just didn’t taste yoghurty. I used 10 df probiotic capsules which is 20 billion bacteria and surely enough but I fear I put it in the fridge too soon (after 12 hours in the Easiyo). To summarise Koko makes mildly yoghurty but thin yoghurt. Tinned coconut milk makes lovely thick yoghurt except it didn’t taste At all like yoghurt. Oatly has a lovely consistency but I’m not a fan of the taste and still not sharp like yoghurt. A combination of coconut milk and Koko has given me the best consistency so far but still tasted like thickened milk! Any top tips on a dairy free yoghurt starter gratefully received!

The question is what do I do with a litre of slightly thick hemp milk because I do not see my family lining up to eat it. I was in the mood to bake today, I find it very soothing and it was a distraction from my daughter being away overnight with the school (she doesn’t have food allergies I just have short apron strings). I’ve been meaning to try a chocolate cake recipe I’d seen in The Telegraph a while ago which used Almond milk and pumpkin  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/recipes/11223633/The-New-Baker-Vegan-and-gluten-free-chocolate-pumpkin-cake.html but we can’t use almond so I substituted with #yoghurtfail6. I also used half as much sugar (it just seemed so much when I was measuring it) and my own icing as I don’t care how often you tell me how creamy avocado is my kids can taste green!

Dairy egg wheat nut free chocolate cake

Preheat oven to 180c
Grease two 8inch round cake tins (checking that you have in fact pulled two tins out that are the same size!)

Ingredients (be warned I started making the cake before checking I had the relevant ingredients so I had to be a little creative)
240ml failed yoghurt #attempt6 (or df milk of choice)
2 teaspoons Cider vinegar
120ml coconut oil melted
225g Pumpkin purée (hooray!! I’ve had that tin for about 18 months!)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 tsp instant coffee dissolved in 2 tbs boiling water
150g granulated sugar
85g Nesquik hot chocolate powder (balls I’ve got no cocoa)
290g Doves farm Rice flour
60g Potato starch
20g Tapioca starch
1 teaspoon xanthan gum
2 teaspoons Bicarbonate of soda
Half teaspoon baking powder
Half teaspoon salt


Mix df milk/yoghurt with cider vinegar and allow to sit for 5 minutes
Beat pumpkin purée, sugar, coconut oil, vanilla and coffee until smooth (I used my mixer)
Stir in df milk/yoghurt
Sift dry ingredients then add to wet and mix well
Pour into prepared tins and smooth the top
Bake at 180c for 35 minutes
Allow to cool completely in tins on a rack

175g dairy free chocolate
1 tablespoon golden syrup
80ml coconut milk (tinned)
1 cup icing sugar (hhm should have weighed that so it matched the other measurements!)

Place chocolate, coconut milk and syrup in a pan and melt on a low heat. Once combined stir in the icing sugar and mix well.

Remove cooled cakes from their tins, ice the top of one, gently place the second cake on top and spoon the rest of the icing over the top.

Serve with a scoop of dairy free ice cream

Hello world!

I’m a mother of two and my son has multiple food allergies, asthma and eczema. This blog is about my attempts to to recreate all the goodies I enjoyed as a child without milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts and yellow split peas.